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Advertise your Large Holiday Cottage With Us

Do you live in Kent or Sussex and do you have a large holiday cottage? Ever thought about renting your large holiday cottage? It could be a large holiday cottage, big holiday apartment in a large country house perfect for group accommodation, or perhaps a barn or farmhouse. Kent and Sussex, the beautiful south, is the perfect place for large groups to find large group accommodation. Have you considered the possibilities?

Large groups can come and enjoy a week or weekend with plenty of activities such as golf, sailing, walking, eating at wonderful pubs and restaurants or simply enjoying the countryside. The beautiful countryside of Kent or Sussex is perfect for a romantic wedding and large parties would need large group accommodation. This could be your property especially if it sleeps 10 or more. Large groups of golfers or sports enthusiasts would also enjoy staying in a large holiday cottage.

Whether it is a family celebration, such as a wedding or a 50th birthday, visitors to Kent and Sussex need somewhere they can relax between the planned events and your large holiday cottage, whether it is a farmhouse, barn or large cottage, could be ideal for this event. Often group parties need a base, there are many visiting garden, photography or art groups in Kent and Sussex who would enjoy luxury group accommodation in large holiday cottages or houses in the area they are visiting.

Large holiday cottages understands that getting involved in self-catering cottage holidays can be a daunting prospect, particularly if it is a large holiday cottage or house, whether it's using your own Kent or Sussex home or an investment property. This is why we pride ourselves on the ability to offer you various levels of partnership with us, ranging from us taking responsibility over all of the bookings, management and marketing of your property to managing all the bookings yourself and simply using Large Holiday Cottages as a platform to make your cottage as visible as possible to your potential visitors.

Large holiday cottages can help you every step of the way. From the initial planning stages right through to the booking, marketing and management of your property, we can ensure that you are comfortable with the process and happy with the results, making your large holiday cottage as successful as we know it can be.

Large holiday cottages aim to combine a flexible, personable service with trusted marketing techniques to ensure your large holiday cottage is let consistently. We attend trade fairs on your behalf, produce high quality brochures to showcase your large holiday cottage at its best and analyse online statistics to make sure that the large holiday cottage reaches the largest group of potential clients.

Large holiday cottages in Kent and Sussex operate 7 days a week which means we can, if required, take responsibility over the day to day running of your Kent holiday home through communicating with cleaners or housekeepers, key arrangements and directions, even in recommending great things to see and do whilst staying in a large holiday cottage in Kent or Sussex.

Large holiday cottages in Kent and Sussex has the experience to offer you an opportunity to maximise the potential of your Kent property through our loyal customer base along with staff who are friendly and knowledgeable.

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